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    1) Agenda for Kickoff Meeting Middle Georgia State College - Macon Campus - Sept. 13th
    2) Characteristics of a Next Generation System
    3) GIL Next Generation Library Blog
    4) Next-Gen Planning Teams & Related Groups
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    Agenda for Kickoff Meeting Middle Georgia State College - Macon Campus - Sept. 13th

    ·      Welcome, LaVerne McLaughlin, Chair, RACL
    ·      Introductions of Team Leads, Elijah Scott, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, RACL
    ·      Meeting Objective
    ·      Next Gen System Characteristics
    ·      The Cloud
    ·      Timeline/Team Tasks and Instructions
    ·      Team Meetings/Working Lunch: Teams
    ·      Questions/wrap up

    Click here for a power point version of the presentation from the meeting.



    Characteristics of the Next Generation Integrated Library System

    1. User search & discovery functions (catalog / public interface) are de-coupled from the back-office functions.
          a. An OPAC is not included as part of the ILS
          b. The ILS may interface more directly and effectively with a public catalog or discovery tool offered by the same vendor, but it can interface with other catalogs and discovery tools as desired.
          c. Focused on enabling you to make as much of your resources discoverable as possible
    2. Accepts multiple metadata types (not just MARC).
    3. Web-based.
          a. Uses web clients, no local / windows clients
          b. Uses a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), which claims to enable more comprehensive and effective management of all resources and collections with more flexible workflows and the ability to interoperate more easily with other systems?
          c. Viewed as a transition from a “library system” to a “library services platform”
          d. No software clients to be updated on staff workstations
    4. Integrates electronic resources into its standard back-office processes.
          a. Manage all library materials regardless of format or location
          b. Provide needed processes for E-books as well as physical books
    5. Analyzes data and trends (manages use statistics) across a variety of locations, users, and material types.
          a. More activity is recorded for analysis
          b. Data can be collected from other systems for a more complete picture?
    6. Provides opportunities for more efficient workflows.
          a. Enable staff to work more efficiently regardless of the format of material being processed?
          b. Requires staff to think about workflows in new ways
          c. Benefits from promoting change to out-of-date practices and workflows
    7. System (software and data) resides “in the cloud”.
          a. Hosted by the developing organization or their data center provider
          b. It’s not just hosted; it is a single software entity that is shared by many separate and distinct libraries (such “multi-tenant” systems claim to offer economies of scale and improved opportunities to share data?)
          c. Most “next generation” library systems are only made availabe “in the cloud”.
          d. Some concerns – (1) clear identification of support responsibilities, (2) data security, (3) data privacy, (4) awareness of software changes and upgrades, and (5) future migration of your data
          e. Some efficiencies (cost savings) – (1) reduces our hardware costs, (2) reduces our data center support costs, and (3) simplifies software version changes and upgrades for the vendor and customer




    Next-Gen Planning Teams

    Acquisitions, Serials, ERM

        Dana Walker, Team Lead-    UGA
        Katherine Hart,  Recorder-    GA State
        Charlie Sicignano,  Alternate-     West GA
        Sandra Bandy-    GRU
        Benjamin Davis-    GCSU
        Jim Garner-    GIL
        Courtney McGough-    GALILEO
        Agnes Muriuki-    Fort Valley
        Olga Russov -    Kennesaw State
        Ken Smith- Valdosta
        Jacqueline Vickers-    South GA
        Elizabeth Winter-    GA Tech

    Assesment (Reports, BI, Analytics)

        Deborah Prosser,  Team Lead-    UNG
        Jeff Heck,  Recorder-    GRU
        Marty Tanner Hughes,  Alternate-    UGA
        Ameet Doshi-    GA Tech
        Christopher Fishburn-    GIL
        Debbie Holmes-    College of Coastal GA
        Jennifer Jones-    GSU
        Lydia Knight-    Dalton
        Guy Leach-    GA Tech
        Vicki Parsons-  GA Gwinnett
        Robert Quarles-    Atlanta Metro
        Susan Ralph-    Bainbridge

    Cataloging and Metadata
        Erin Grant,  Team Lead-    Southern Poly
        Susan Wynne,  Recorder-    GSU
        Linda Jones,  Alternate-    Columbus
        Kathy Adams-    Middle GA
        Amy Ecklund-    GPC
        Guy Frost-    Valdosta
        Mary Francis Hansard-    GA Tech
        Kelly Holt-    UGA
        Neil Hughes -    UGA
        Britni Jones-    Albany State
        Adam Kubik-    Clayton
        Jenifer Marquardt-    UGA
        Sheila McAlister-    UGA
        Cynthia Ragin-    GIL
        Deborah Skinner-    GA Southern

        Bob Trotter,  Team Lead-    GIL
        Craig Schorer,  Recorder-    West GA
        Doug Goans, Alternate-    GA Tech
        Bill Clayton-    GIL
        Phil Fitzpatrick-    GIL
        Chris Helms-    GA Tech
        Glen Leavell-    USG ITS
        Caryl Nemajovsk-    Darton

        Laura Burtle,  Team Lead/Recorder-    GSU
        Amanda McKenzie, Alternate-  East GA
        Marie Davis-    ABAC
        Mary Jo Fayoyin-    Savannah State
        Marlee Givens-    GA Tech
        Merryll Penson-    GIL
        Brenda Rutherford-    Gordon

    Fulfillment (Circ, ILL, Gil Express)
        Viki Timian,  Team Lead-    UGA
        Sofia Slutskaya,  Recorder-    GPC
        Denita Hampton,  Alternate-    GSU
        Valerie Anthony-    GSW
        Cynthia Fears-    Columbus
        Cynthia Frost-    GA Southern
        Karen Glover-    GA Tech
        Sean Purcell-    GIL
        Susan Vines-    GA Highlands

    Next Generation Planning Team:

        Elijah Scott,Team Lead-    GA Highlands
        Dana Walker, Acquisitions-    UGA
        Deborah Prosser, Assessment-    North GA
        Bob Trotter, Cloud-    GIL
        Laura Burtle,Communication-    GA State
        Jeff Gallant,Discovery_GIL OPAC-    Valdosta
        Erin Grant,Cataloging-    SPSU
        Viki Timian,Fulfillment-    UGA
        Bill Clayton,Resource-    GIL
        Merryll Penson,Resource-    GIL




    Related Groups

    Collaborative Technical Services Group
        Cathy Jeffrey, Chair-    Clayton State
        Chris Huff, Alternate-    West GA
        Beth Burnett-    Armstrong
        Katherine Calhoun / Jeff Carrico-    GA Tech
        William Clayton-    GIL
        Sherrida Crawford-    Valdosta
        Dave Evans-    Kennesaw
        Guy Frost-    Valdosta
        Joe Mocnick / Donna Bennett-    GCSU
        Niriam Nauenburg-    West GA
        Hallie Pritchett-    UGA
        Gene Ruffin-    Georgia Gwinnett
        Bob Trotter-    GIL
        Jacqueline Vickers-    South GA
        Bill Walsh-    GSU

    Discovery_GIL OPAC
    See list of members at OPAC/Reference in the Committees section of this website




    Related Information and Links

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    “The Systems Librarian: Library Technology Forecast for 2014 and Beyond,” Computers in Libraries 33, no. 10 (2013) by Marshall Breeding

    Model Library System RFPs
    Request for Proposal (RFP) - ALA wikis
    The RFP Writer’s Guide to Standards for Library Systems, by Cynthia Hodgson.
    Unified library resource management specification – LibTechRFP (Wiki)

    Recent Library System RFPs
    RFP for an Integrated Library System – Texas A&M University, Dec. 12, 2012.
    RFP763-13-84922-JT Integrated Library System & Discovery Tool – University of North Texas System, 2013.
    Orbis Cascade Alliance - RFP for a Shared Library Management Service – Taskforce website and PDF RFP.

    Vendor Websites
    ExLibris Discover Alma website (customer stories, presentations, demo videos).
    Innovative Interfaces Inc. Sierra
    Kuali Foundation - Open Library Evnironment(OLE)
    OCLC WorldShare Management Services
    Serials Solutions Intota
    SirsiDynix BLUEcloud Suite
    VTLS, Inc.  Open Skies