GIL has moved to a new ticketing system

The TrackIT ticketing system used by GIL has been replaced with ServiceNow. Issues that are currently open in TrackIT will continue to be handled within that system until they are cleared out. New issues will be routed to ServiceNow.

ServiceNow was selected by the University System of Georgia (USG) Information Technology Services (ITS) as the solution to replace USGTrackit for IT and library incident response and service management support. It went live February 1st 2017.

The Helpdesk Contact form used on this site is still used to create tickets, it simply routes them to ServiceNow instead of TrackIT:

If you prefer to enter their issues directly into the ticketing system, you can still do this with the ServiceNow self-service portal, located here:

For more information about ServiceNow:

For more information about GIL and how to get assistance from us:

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