A new GIL-Find user interface is coming

All USG Libraries will move to the new GIL-Find user interface on May 21, 2018. The new user interface (UI) replaces the current GIL-Find and will provide a simpler, cleaner user interface as well as new functionality.

What are the improvements?

  • Information that was formerly isolated under separate tabs is now on one screen:
    • Navigate through records by either scrolling or clicking on a section
    • See other libraries that own the book without having to click on “More USG Libraries”
  • Plus, citation, emailing, and saving can be done directly from the results list.

  • Select more than one facet at a time and exclude a facet from your results.

  • Users will be able to add tags to records.

Where did that go?

Drop downs for “exact”, “starts” with, and “contains” have been removed from the Simple Search and are now only on the Advanced search.

Links that were previously in the footer had to be moved to the header. Tip: look for the ellipsis ‘Show More’ to see them.

Access Course Reserves from the GIL-Find drop-down or go to the Advanced Search.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any previously saved links may send users to the old version of GIL Find so users may need to update their bookmarks.

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