New Models for Sharing

Kyle Courtney

Office for Scholarly Communication
Harvard University


Kyle K. Courtney is a lawyer and librarian, serving as the copyright advisor and program manager at Harvard University, working out of the Harvard Library Office for Scholarly Communication. He works closely with the Harvard community to establish a culture of shared understanding of copyright issues among Harvard staff, faculty, and students.

His “Copyright First Responders” initiative is in its ninth year, and it has spread beyond Harvard to reach libraries, archives, and cultural institutions in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Oregon, Washington, and Rhode Island. He holds a J.D. with distinction in intellectual property law and an MSLIS.

He is a published author and nationally recognized speaker on the topics of copyright, libraries, and the law. His writing has appeared in Politico, Library Journal, Law Library Journal, and other publications. His most recent work is “A White Paper on Controlled Digital Lending.” His blog is at and you can follow him on Twitter @KyleKCourtney