GALILEO Interconnected Libraries (GIL)

GALILEO Interconnected Libraries, or GIL, is an extension of the GALILEO initiative funded by the Governor and the General Assembly of the state of Georgia to enhance and expand educational opportunities for the citizens of Georgia. The successes that GALILEO has had in leveling the information access opportunities for the citizens of Georgia are being extended to University System’s Libraries through GIL by providing students, faculty and staff expanded access to the information resources of the University System’s Libraries.

GIL offers a gateway to information resources held in the University System of Georgia (USG) libraries. The USG maintains a sophisticated system in GALILEO, which provides access to databases and full text journal articles. The background of the initial GALILEO project is set out in the document, A Vision for One Statewide Library: GALILEO (1994). GIL adds access to the physical collections of the USG Libraries.

The addition of a single integrated library automation system to GALILEO has made online access even easier for patrons and staff. GIL includes web-based online Universal Catalog of all the book collections of the University System, a Circulation System with self-service options, Fund Accounting, Cataloging, and Serials check-in. USG patrons are able to initiate requests for books - GIL Express - directly from other libraries at their computers from home, from dorm rooms, or within the libraries. Library staff are able to validate legitimate University System library patrons. In addition, USG librarians can gather data on the growth and use of their collections to guide future decision-making and cooperative collection development.

In addition to the 26 USG Institutions and their Libraries that are in the GIL consortium, the state of Georgia’s Department of Archives and History is also a GIL participant.