To subscribe to one of the open listservs below, click the Subscribe or Unsubscribe link shown, select your delivery options, then choose “Subscribe”.

You can also subscribe by sending an e-mail to: with this message in the body:

subscribe listserv-name first-name last-name

Example: subscribe ga-g2all Gale Strong

Listserv Description

ALMA Update Notifications - This listserv is subscribed to Alma and Primo status updates, as described in this training wiki page, so is an alternative to signing up for these updates directly. The primary purpose of this listserv is to archive these status messages.

Subscribe or Unsubscribe: ALMAUPDATES-L


GIL General Information Listserv - GIL recommends that all USG library staff subscribe to this list. Members of this listserv receive GIL announcements/updates and participate in a forum for the exchange of ideas relating to any of the services GIL provides.

Subscribe or Unsubscribe: GA-G2ALL


GALILEO Announcements Listserv. The GALILEO e-mail list is an open list meant to serve as a means of communication for topics concerning all or significant portions of the GALILEO community. The amount of list traffic can vary.

Typically, the GALILEO staff uses this list to post announcements about issues affecting the GALILEO system or to disseminate information that is important to GALILEO users. However, subscribers are welcome to post messages containing GALILEO-related information that may be of interest to others on the list. As an open list, anyone is permitted to subscribe. Posting non-GALILEO-related or commercial information may result in suspension of posting privileges.

Subscribe or Unsubscribe: GALILEO


GIL Express Courier Info - Courier-related information only. GIL Express and ILL staff on this listserv will receive messages but cannot send messages. All messages on this listserv will come from the Courier or the USG Help Desk. It’s suggested that most staff who handle GIL Express or ILL, as well as supervisors and department heads, be on this listserv – there will seldom be messages, but messages received on this listserv will be important and often urgent. This is the listserv where libraries will be notified of any delays or problems with STAT Courier delivery.

Subscribe or Unsubscribe: GIL-COURIER-L


USG Federal Depository Libs - Listserv for Federal Depository Libraries in the USG. Primarily for announcements, questions, conversations, etc related to USG Federal Depository Libraries and Marcive GPO record loads.

Subscribe or Unsubscribe: USGFDL-L

The following listservs are for those interested in the committees, but not actually on them

Listserv Description

USG Acquisitions and Serials - for anyone interested in the GIL Acquisitions and Serials Community

Subscribe or Unsubscribe: G2AC-SER


GIL Assessment Community - for anyone interested in the GIL Assessment Community

Subscribe or Unsubscribe: G2ASSESS


GIL Cataloging Community - for anyone interested in the GIL Cataloging Community

Subscribe or Unsubscribe: G2CAT


GIL Fulfillment Community - for anyone interested in the GIL Fulfillment Community

Subscribe or Unsubscribe: G2FULFILLMENT


GIL Online Public Catalog - for anyone interested in the the GIL OPAC/Discovery Community

Subscribe or Unsubscribe: G2OPAC

The following listservs are private, so the above method of subscribing will not work. If you need to subscribe to one of the below listserv's please create a helpdesk ticket.

Listserv Description

This closed listserv is used by the GUGM Planning Committee to exchange information concerning the annual GIL Users Group Meeting. Closed

Members of this listserv are members of the GUGM Planning Committee and are added automatically.


GIL Coordinating Committee


G3 Institutional Leads List


G3 Acquisitions Committee


G3 Assessment Committee


Cataloging Committee


GIL Fulfillment Committee


GIL OPAC/Discovery Committee


GIL Special Collections Committee


GIL Interlibrary Loan Committee