Institutions Completed Phase Two!

The institutions have now completed Phase Two of our project by submitting their institutional configuration forms. This forms will be used by Ex Libris as instructions to build the Alma test environments. The institutions now turn their attention to building test scenarios for both data validation and workflow scenarios. The institutions are expected to receive their Alma test environments on October 24th!

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Institutions Completing Alma Configuration Instructions

All institutions are hard at work completing the initial set of instructions to be used by our vendor to configure each Alma test instance. The institutions have access to a variety of resources, including lessons learned by our vanguard institutions, to complete this "configuration workbook". In late October, the Alma test environments will be available and institutions will begin validating data and testing workflow scenarios.

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Institutions Complete Phase 1: Migration and Data Cleanup Test

Institutions have passed an important milestone in the project. In preparation for the Alma and Primo (OPAC) test environments, all institutions have completed a variety of training and forms related to Voyager data cleanup and data migration. These forms will be instructions for Ex Libris to use to migrate data from Voyager to Alma. Our institutions will repeat this process during Spring 2017 in preparation for our final cutover in May 2017. Congratulations to the institutions!

Our institutions now turn their attention to Phase 2: Configuration. In this configuration phase, each institution will submit a configuration form as well as an external authentication form.

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