Campuses Begin Final Implementation Push

The institutions have begun final preparations ahead of implementing Alma and Primo on May 26th. These preparations include: final testing of workflows, patron loads, and integrations; identifying and resolving remaining issues; training local staff and faculty; and communicating cutover dates and details to the institutional communities. If you have not heard about training opportunities at your institution, please reach out to your institutional lead here:

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Institutions Currently Building Training Plans

With a majority (but not all) of workflow scenario testing completed, the institutions now turn their attention to building training plans specific to their respective campuses. The plans will pull from a variety of resources: existing materials provided by the vendor, policies/consortia decisions made by the functional project teams, and some webinars. The goal is for each institution to train their staff and faculty during the month of April. Contact your institutional lead if you have any questions.

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Institutional Leads Gathered For 3 Day Workshop

For three days, between 2/14 and 2/16, over 150 folks attending workshops in Athens, Georgia. These workshops provided attendees with best practices on utilizing Alma at each institution. Primary focus was on Acquisitions, Cataloging, and Fulfillment. Currently, the project teams are focused on finalizing configurations and testing.

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