Institutions have completed phase one of workflow scenario testing

The institutions have recently completed an entire round of workflow scenario testing in Alma and Primo. This is an exciting accomplishment! The institutional leads will now meeet in Athens, Georgia for 3 days to receive training on best practices for Alma workflows. Your institution should be receiving communications from your project team regarding training to occur on your campus in April. Please check with your institutional lead for any questions or concerns.

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Institutions Continue Workflow Validation

Institutions have access to Alma and Primo OPAC test environments and continue testing workflow scenarios. Institutional project teams hope to work through hundreds of scenarios for Alma and Primo prior to an upcoming workflow workshop in February. Also, many of our institutions are testing external authentication and the patron load process. If you have any questions about your institution's implementation and testing, please consult with you institutional leads.

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Institutions Complete Data Validation

The institutions recently completed validating the data migrated from Voyager to Alma. Please check with your institutional leads if you wish to receive an update on this specific effort. This was a huge accomplishment! We now begin testing workflow scenarios. The institutional project teams were provided a list (created by the vanguards) of hundreds of workflows that need to be tested. Some of these workflows will apply to each institution and some will not. If you have a specific workflow that you need to ensure works for your institution, please let your lead know.

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