A new GIL-Find user interface is coming

All USG Libraries will move to the new GIL-Find user interface on May 21, 2018. The new user interface (UI) replaces the current GIL-Find and will provide a simpler, cleaner user interface as well as new functionality.

What are the improvements?

  • Information that was formerly isolated under separate tabs is now on one screen:
    • Navigate through records by either scrolling or clicking on a section
    • See other libraries that own the book without having to click on “More USG Libraries”
  • Plus, citation, emailing, and saving can be done directly from the results list.

  • Select more than one facet at a time and exclude a facet from your results.

  • Users will be able to add tags to records.

Where did that go?

Drop downs for “exact”, “starts” with, and “contains” have been removed from the Simple Search and are now only on the Advanced search.

Links that were previously in the footer had to be moved to the header. Tip: look for the ellipsis ‘Show More’ to see them.

Access Course Reserves from the GIL-Find drop-down or go to the Advanced Search.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any previously saved links may send users to the old version of GIL Find so users may need to update their bookmarks.

All USG Libraries will be moving to a new online catalog system

We’re getting a new catalog!

  • Transition happens through May
  • Some service interruptions
  • Read on for more information

All USG Libraries will be moving to a new online catalog system on May 26, 2017. The new catalog replaces both the current GIL-Find and GIL Classic by combining the best features of each. All University System of Georgia (USG) libraries will be changing to the same new catalog.

Why is it changing?

The online catalog system the Libraries have used for the past 18 years was developed in an era when libraries had almost solely physical items. The new system will allow us to better manage our print and digital collections, improve efficiency through shared services across the USG, and expand our assessment capabilities.

What are the improvements?

With the new GIL-Find, you will be able to:

  • Use one catalog to search for resources in different formats - no need to check a separate system for online journals.
  • Use one catalog to search both your local institution and University System of Georgia collections.
  • Use your school ID to log into your account and request GIL Express books, review what you have checked out, and save favorites. No more independent login and no more PIN!
  • Most books will be automatically renewed twice before having to be returned or renewed in person at the library.
  • Browse lists of books by subject, author, title, and more.

Will there be interruptions in services?

There should be few interruptions in services for most users; however, here are important dates to know:

  • GIL Express is on hiatus from May 5-26. During this time, you can use Interlibrary Loan to get books and articles from other libraries.
  • Saved “Favorites” in your current GIL-Find account will not automatically migrate to the new system. Consider saving them by e-mail or exporting into EndNote before May 21

How will I get to the new GIL-Find?

The URL will remain the same.

Will I still be able to…

  • Borrow books through GIL Express?

Absolutely! With the new GIL-Find, you will no longer have to go to a separate catalog to search and request books from other libraries. Also, Georgia Tech will be re-joining the GIL Express service.

  • Search GIL Classic?

No, the new GIL-Find replaces both GIL Classic and the current GIL-Find. The new GIL-Find features a “browse search” that works like the “exact search” in GIL Classic as well as an “advanced search” that is similar to GIL Classic’s “keyword search.”

  • Put articles and books on Course Reserve?

Yes, the new GIL-Find includes Course Reserves.

What are the technical details?

The new online catalog system is from Ex Libris, a major library vendor with a long history of working with the USG libraries. Ex Libris provided the system that runs the current GIL as well as our journal locator. In the new catalog, Alma is the name of the system that library staff will use for acquisitions, cataloging, circulation, and analytics. Primo is what Ex Libris calls the public catalog that library users search, although we will continue to call our public catalog GIL-Find. Emory and Georgia Tech both use Primo for their online catalogs.

GIL has moved to a new ticketing system

The TrackIT ticketing system used by GIL has been replaced with ServiceNow. Issues that are currently open in TrackIT will continue to be handled within that system until they are cleared out. New issues will be routed to ServiceNow.

ServiceNow was selected by the University System of Georgia (USG) Information Technology Services (ITS) as the solution to replace USGTrackit for IT and library incident response and service management support. It went live February 1st 2017.

The Helpdesk Contact form used on this site is still used to create tickets, it simply routes them to ServiceNow instead of TrackIT:


If you prefer to enter their issues directly into the ticketing system, you can still do this with the ServiceNow self-service portal, located here:


For more information about ServiceNow:


For more information about GIL and how to get assistance from us:


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