GIL Kicks off FOLIO Implementation at GUGM

Over 150 Librarians accross the state met in Macon, Georgia to officially kickoff the GIL FOLIO Implementation.  The annual GIL Users Group Meeting (GUGM) was held on May 14 and featured keynotes from EBSCO leadership.  Participants had the opportunity to see project plans, discuss concerns, and ask questions directly to EBSCO representatives. The GIL Consortia expects to go-live with FOLIO during the Summer of 2025.  To see additional information from the conference, please visit:

The GIL Users Group Meeting will take place May 13-14, 2024

The first day will be dedicated to groups directly involved in the implementation of FOLIO. The second day will be a general setup, with a keynote speaker and session tracks for attendees.

We have secured a hotel block nearby for May 13-14. This is attended for use by the USG FOLIO implementation team. For more details, see the Gugm Website.

GALILEO has selected FOLIO as its new Library Services Platform

GALILEO has selected FOLIO as its new Library Services Platform, with plans to share FOLIO with 86 libraries from 26 colleges and universities across the University System of Georgia and the Georgia Archives.

GALILEO will utilize EBSCO Information Services for implementation and hosting services via EBSCO FOLIO. GALILEO will begin migrating these new technologies in 2023, with plans to be fully operational by June 2025.  READ MORE...