Additional GIL Alma Implementation Information

Team Tools


Basecamp is a project management tool and will be home base for the project. We will post important documentation and forms here. You can also use Basecamp for discussions as well. Each GIL Institution will receive a Basecamp project management site.

Generic support and documentation for Basecamp can be found at:


Google Docs will be used for documents that will have continuous revisions and multiple editors. A Master spreadsheet will be created for your team/institution to document your action items, decisions, issues, and risks. This spreadsheet must be updated by your team/institution regularly and will be one of the most important documents of the project.

  1. If you have the Google Docs url you can edit, no account needed.
  2. Contains Tabs for each team and/or institution (pick the right one)
  3. Timeline tab – master timeline of activities (check often)
  4. Institutional Checklist – Project Director’s list of deliverables
  5. The spreadsheet is linked within Basecamp

Generic support and documentation for GoogleDocs can be found at:


WebEx has been provisioned for the functional project teams to utilize during project team meetings. Please ask the staff at your institution who are participating on the project to get a nice headset and microphone.

Headset and Microphone suggestion:

Generic support and documentation for WebEx can be found at:

Alma and Primo Sandbox Environments

Vanguard Institutions, starting in November 2015, have access to an Alma Pre-Implementation Sandbox

Remaining Institutions, starting in March 2015, have access to an Alma Sandbox

Alma Documentation and Training

Unlimited access will be provided to Ex Libris’ documentation and learning center. Training plans, utilizing the online recorded training, are being defined and will be presented to the institutional leads. The vanguards will start training in November 2015 and the remainder of the institutions will start around March 2016 when the Alma Sandbox becomes available.